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Tips for Shipping Valuables Internationally

Deciding to move and live in another country is definitely a life-changing experience. There are many important factors that you have to check and consider. A lot of choices have to be decided on. The entire process can certainly be very stressful and sometimes somewhat frustrating. One of the major concerns of relocating is with regard the shipment of all your possessions. It is essential to choose the best and the most reliable shipping company to do this job for you. If not, it can be a disaster. All your things can get damaged or worse, get lost.

Shipping NYC Art

In selecting the shipping NYC art company that can deliver all your stuff to another country, you have to put the following in mind:


  1. Sort all your things. This might sound not that important but it definitely is. You have to put in mind that shipping items internationally can really cost a lot. It is why you certainly need to bring only the things that you need. If it is possible, have pictures and measurements of the house that you are transferring to. In this way, you would know which items that you have at present that will fit and which will not. Leaving those that are not necessary can certainly save you money.


  1. Ask for recommendations. If you are in search of the right shipping company, it is best if you can ask about it from friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Those who have been in the same situation of relocating can really be a big help. They can tell you what they had experienced with the shipping company that they hired. You can also ask suggestions from the embassy of the country that you are moving to.


  1. Make a list of your options. List down all the suggested companies and check if they have their websites like http://arrowexpress.com/. If they do, it would be easier for you to contact them. Thru their sites as well, you can have an idea on how much they ask for their service.


  1. Demand for a survey. You can ask shipping companies that you think are the best to come visit your home and conduct a survey of your entire belongings. In this way you would have a clearer estimate of how much you have to pay for.


  1. Let them do the packing. You might think that this is not necessary but it might actually help. Professional shipping companies provide packing services too. They have the right materials and devices to make sure that your things are packed the proper way. This is essential especially if you have valuable items such as paintings and precious breakables.


  1. Read and understand the contract, the quotes and the estimates that you got from the survey should be in the contract and you have to read very well all the details even those in fine print. In this way, you will not be surprised of any additional or hidden charges. You also have to make sure that they provide insurance.


With these simple tips, you do not have to worry so much. Shipping all your belongings to another country will be a breeze.

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